In my case I wanted to lose weight. I had been given a stern talking-to by my doctor and decided it was about time I took it seriously. I found Live for Fitness in my local area and went to meet Carol for an introductory chat. We discussed my goals and what I wanted to achieve and talked about how she could develop an exercise plan for my needs, and also some diet hints and tips to further help me reach my target. Carol’s suggestions (not to

I went to Carol because I suffered with SPD (also known as pelvic girdle pain) during pregnancy and was still feeling the effects a year later. I was desperate to exercising again as I used to be a keen jogger but had little idea of how to do that without hurting myself of triggering the SPD pain further. Carol was brilliant at devising a programme that I was able to do even with my limitations and focused on strengthening my core to support my

When I first met Carol, I told her how keen I was to get help to reshape the way I looked at exercise and at food – in a bid to get me away from an endless stream of fad diets. Whilst I lost weight quickly, they were unsustainable and also incredibly unhealthy. I knew that I needed a radical change in my eating and fitness habits if I was to lose the weight I needed to before having my baby. Carol was just fantastic. She worked me hard – but kept it fun!

I decided to come and see Carol as I had always struggled with my weight and was fed up with how much it impacted my confidence. Carol had been recommended to me by my sister so I decided to take the plunge. She made me feel at ease immediately and made the process much less frightening. After a few weeks she felt more like a friend that a personal trainer and I would actually look forward to the sessions.

After turning 40 in 2012, I was very aware of the saying ‘Hit 40 and get fit or get fat!’ I was doing the latter. I had joined a gym in an attempt to get fit and maybe unsurprisingly I stopped going after about 6 sessions. I need to be fit for my job, working as a stunt performer on some very high profile films, such as ‘Captain America’, War Horse, and have doubled for Matt Damon on films like ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and ‘Greenzone’.


When my wedding was fast approaching and I went for that dress fitting, shock! horror! it couldn’t be done up. I knew I had to take action. Carol was my ‘knightette’ in shining armour. It wasn’t easy for her as I am a type 1 diabetic, but she was brilliant helping me with menu plans and the exercise. I have never felt better, she’s a brilliant motivator making the whole experience fun and interesting, whilst always making sure I was looked after.


We started using Carol as our personal trainer in May 2013. Carol uses a variety of exercises and equipment which makes the sessions challenging but enjoyable. The boxing, circuits & TRX workouts are a lot of fun. We are a lot fitter and slimmer now & everyone has commented on the results. We have found Carol to be very flexible with our busy schedules and we would recommend her to everyone!

We had been training on our own for a while now and decided that we needed a little extra help. We didn’t want to join a gym, so sort out Carol. Our sessions are always hard but fun and filled with laughter too. Carol offers us varied sessions by assessing how we are feeling & adapts the exercise to suit us. She is a fantastic motivator and encouraging us to help each other. If you want to do pairs training I would highly recommend Carol.

I was entering my first Triathlon and wanted to see if Carol could help me improve my running. She showed me some changes I could make to my training which helped a lot. She also showed me some exercises I could do to improve my stamina and overall fitness. Carol was really knowledgeable and fun to train with. I would highly recommend her.