Planks, how to do it right

Have you ever wondered if you are doing a plank correctly?

Planks one of those moves that you can do that will strengthen your entire core from top to bottom and all the way round the middle.

Planks either be done on your forearms or your hand wounds, the forearms are slightly easier and may be better for beginners.

Unless you have someone watching you I would recommend that you do these in front of the mirror so you are in the correct position.

Here are some tips on how to forge those abs of steel.

Building Lean Muscle and Losing Weight

How to build lean muscle and lose weight

I typically recommend that someone choose their ideal weight (taking into account muscle) and multiply that number by 10. This gives you a base number of calories in which you need to just survive.

Example: 5’10 say feels good at 145lbs

Starting calories would be 1,450 (145×10)