Eating Habits

Tips for healthy eating habits

Avoid eating processed convenience foods as much as you can due to their high sugar, fat and salt content. These are very addictive, this means takeaways as well!

Eat smaller portions (as much protein as possible) regularly, don’t limit yourself to 3 meals a day. Try to eat at least 5 small meals, this will keep your blood sugar levels constant so you won’t have those peaks and troughs.

9 Secrets for Living the Fit Life

9 Secrets for Living the Fit Life

If living the ‘fit life’ were easy, everybody would do it. Most often it requires a change of lifestyle and is hard work. Being fit and healthy will help us live a longer, happier and more fulfilled life. It helps you get better sleep, increases energy levels and minimises trips to the doctor. Most importantly, it helps provide a sense of well being that comes from knowing you and your body are functioning at 100%. I encourage you to give it your best shot (no one is perfect) because the benefits of living a fit life are endless.

Here are the 9 secrets for living the fit life.