Specialities for Training Equipment

Weight Training

The use of body weight and free weights is a fantastic way to shape and tone the body. Following a full body workout programme that uses weight to load all the muscles of the body will help you look leaner, stronger and healthier whilst shaping all those annoying areas, it has been proven on many occasions to be the fastest way to burn fat. This will progress you to your goal of having a toned body with fantastic shape.

Resistance Band Training

Resistance Band training focuses on applying a resistance to a given muscle or group of muscles to increase the strength and tone. Using a variety of different types of resistance bands, set in a specific programme, will cause the body to adapt and strengthen itself. This, in turn will create a body that is stronger, healthier and looks fantastic. These bands are a great way to get back into shape for those new to training or after surgery without causing further injury.

Core/Abdominal Training

The Abdominal Wall has many different layers of muscles and in-order to get the best results, we must work these muscles together. This improves the body’s ability to support and protect the lower back, whilst making the entire body stronger for any activity. There is a huge variety of fun and effective exercises to create a healthy back whilst also giving you the flat stomach that everyone desires.

Nutritional Advice & Weight Loss

Nutrition is the key to your training outcomes, let alone your overall health and wellbeing, 80% of our body composition (fat and muscle) can be attributed to our diet. With the correct advise, it is important to follow a healthy eating plan with a well structed exercise programme this will help the way your body looks, feels and performs. Analyzing your diet using a food diary and then following a structured and progressive food plan that is realistic and achievable will help you to lose unwanted weight, whilst significantly improving your health and lifestyle, it also re-educates you in the purpose of managing and maintaining your target weight in the future.  Keeping your meal plans healthy and giving them a purpose is not as hard as you think.

Flexibility & Stretching

Flexibility is one on those key components that should complement your exercise programme.  We need to stretch to maintain that optimal level of flexibility so not as to increase the potential for injury or pain.  Stretching at the end of a session will increase strength, mobility whilst stopping that 48hour delayed aching, relaxing you at the same time, which in turn makes you feel better.

Functional Training

Your body’s movement is a combination of various muscular functions. Functional training uses Medicine balls, free-weights, gym balls, body weight and plyometric exercises to condition the body in an unstable environment. Performing functional exercises that mimic activities or specific skills is one of the most effective ways to train, regardless of your goal.


Taking the correct techniques from boxing and kick boxing, this fun workout will work all areas of fitness and you don’t have to get hit!


The cannon ball used by Russian soldiers in their fitness regimes originally, is a great piece of equipment and is regarded as one of the most effective forms of fat loss, body tone and core stability, it’s also a great cardiovascular workout where you can burn around a 1000 calories per hour.