Avoid these weight loss mistakes

Avoid these weight loss mistakes

So, out there are thousands of weight-loss programmes; it seems like 90% of the people l train are or have been on some sort of diet. Unfortunately getting into shape isn’t always that easy. So for those who aren’t seeing the results you want yet and are experiencing the frustration of it all, please don’t give up!Remember, you didn’t gain the weight overnight, so why would you expect to lose it overnight? When dieting most people make similar mistakes when trying to lose weight. But being aware of these mistakes and physical changes can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good. Hopefully these tips will help you deal with the ups and the downs of weight loss more easily. Hang on in there! It’s not always easy, but you can do it!

Don’t get stuck on the scales

Some people will lose a lot of weight in the first couple of weeks and some may not lose any. This can be the case even if you’re doing everything right. Do not compare yourself to others!

Be realistic

One of the biggest mistakes dieters make is having unrealistic weight-loss expectations. You should be losing one to two pounds a week, not five to ten! If you lose it more slowly, you are more likely to keep it off in the long run. Studies show that those who lose weight rapidly are more likely to gain it back… and then some! When you start feeling discouraged, think back to where you started. So what if the first month you only lost four pounds, that’s four pounds closer to your goal than you were last month.

Weight loss is  rarely constant from week to week

Most who try to lose weight will lose quite a bit in the early weeks and then the weight loss slows down. It is totally normal to have some weeks when you lose more than expected and others when the weight stays the same, despite your consistent efforts. Remember, just because the number on the scales doesn’t change, it doesn’t mean your body composition isn’t. You could be losing body fat and gaining lean muscle. Assess your progress by testing your body fat, circumference measurements of your chest, waist, hips, biceps and thighs and take progress pictures.

Weight loss may not be immediate

Just because you cut calories today from diet and exercise it doesn’t mean it will show up on the scale at the end of the day or even the next week. Weight fluctuates from day to day. If you step on the scales in the morning and then again at night, you may notice a two to seven pound weight gain due to the food and water you have consumed throughout the day. If you are stressed, menstruating, sick, sore, etc., those are all going to affect the number as well. Don’t stress! These fluctuations are not permanent. Similarly, weighing yourself after wearing a sweat suit, sitting in a sauna or finishing an intense workout may show a loss on the scales. This is just temporary water loss that will come back after you hydrate yourself by drinking. Remember, you are trying to lose fat, not just weight or water weight.

Eating less is not always better

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that the less they eat, the faster the body will lose the weight. If it is not getting enough nutrients and calories your metabolism slows down. This happens if you are eating substantially less than your recommended caloric range and it called ‘starvation mode’. Your body thinks you aren’t going to feed it again, so it holds on to what you fed it last as long as possible. Doing this slows down your metabolism and makes weight loss extremely slow and weight gain more likely. Try breaking up your calories into smaller meals every two to three hours throughout the day.

Setbacks are normal

No matter how hard you try, you will experience some bumps in the road. No one is perfect! Do not let those small bumps side-line you and veer you totally off track. Learn from them and move on. This reminds me of a great quote, “Do not look back, you aren’t going that way!”