Making Healthy Eating a Habit – Part 2

Part 2 of how to Make Healthy Eating a Habit – Making small changes

If you can’t stand the taste of broccoli, then vowing to eat it more often is pretty unrealistic. But if increasing the number of vegetables you eat each day is one of your goals, start by finding  a few different ones that you can painlessly work into your diet. Make sure you elect a variety of colours (dark green, red, orange etc.,) to get the most nutrients per bite.If you know you need to eat more fruit, start by having an apple with your breakfast or adding blueberries to some greek yoghurt for a great high protein snack between meals.

As you adopt this new style of eating, you will find that your food preferences will gradually change when you cut out high sugar, high fat goodies. Your cravings will actually go away in time and your body will want healthy food.

For more advice on nutrition or for a tailored nutrition or diet plan contact me for more details.


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