You are more than likely reading this because you have arrived at this site wanting to make a change in your life; loosing weight, getting fitter, toning up, or possibly a combination of all three!

"In my case I wanted to lose weight. I had been given a stern talking-to by my doctor and decided it was about time I took it seriously. I found Live for Fitness in my local area and went to meet Carol for an introductory chat. We discussed my goals and what I wanted to achieve and talked about how she could develop an exercise plan for my needs, and also some diet hints and tips to further help me reach my target.

Carol's suggestions (not to mention the excellently equipped gym) made the decision very easy and I signed for 12 sessions. 8 weeks and 12 very enjoyable, variable sessions later I have lost just under 10kg and 5cm from my waist. My muscles are getting larger and BMI smaller. The sessions are never the same twice (and I really like the variability) and the results are impressive.

I am so impressed with the results from the last 8 weeks and Carol's approach to personal training that I have signed up for another 12 sessions!
I thoroughly recommend Carol as a personal trainer; her approach, her knowledge, her professionalism are excellent, complimented with a fun and enjoyable attitude which makes the difficult moments in the training that much easier."

Lindsey Gorham"When my wedding day was fast approaching and I went for that dress fitting, shock! horror! It couldn't be
done up, I knew I had to take action. Carol was my 'knightette' in shinning armour. It wasn't easy for her
as I'm a type 1 diabetic, but she was brilliant helping me with menu plans and the exercise, I have never
felt better, she's a brilliant motivator making the whole experience fun and interesting, whilst always making sure I was looked after."
Lindsey Gorham (formally Kalleway)

"We had been training on our own and decided to opt for a personal trainer. We found Carol, with her our sessions are always
hard but fun and filled with laughter too. Carol offers us varied sessions by assessing how we are feeling & adapts the exercise
to suit us. She is a fantastic motivator and encourages us to help each other. If you want to do
Pairs Training I would highly recommend Carol."
Farah Lennard & Michelle Robson

Client Training "I've always hated gyms but liked the idea of Carol's home gym and one-to-one training, so l booked some
sessions to see if I'd like it. I don't really want to lose weight, just tone up and improve my overall fitness.
Carol started me off gently and then gradually increased the intensity of the workouts and it didn't take long
to start seeing muscles l never knew I had! The sessions were always varied and fun and always with a lot
of laughter. I enjoyed them so much I'm booking some more sessions to get bikini ready for the summer!
Sarah Jackson

"I have suffered with a spinal condition for many years and initially came to Carol to try to improve my cardiovascular fitness without damaging my back. I have been delighted to find that not only have my fitness levels improved but my back has also. My posture is better and I get far less pain than before. Carol took the time to find out about my condition and to adapt the exercises to suit me. I would really recommend her to anyone with health concerns."

Adam Morgan "I was entering my first Triathlon and wanted to see if Carol could help me improve my running.
She showed me some small changes l could make to my training which helped a lot. She also showed me
some exercises I could do to improve my stamina and overall fitness. Carol was really knowledgeable and
fun to train with. I would highly recommend her."
Adam Morgan